Monday, January 5, 2009

Sour Apple!

Do you see that ticker...the one above this post that says how old Liviana is? Is that right? It can't be right. I really cannot believe she is almost 1. I swear I was pregnant with her just yesterday, sitting by her isolette in the NICU just yesterday and bringing her home, just yesterday. This has been the fastest, most fearful and most joyous year of our lives.

Liviana amazes me every single day. She is getting so big and active. She is so smart and still such a keen observer. I can' really tell she is growing. On our scale at home she is 19.5lbs. She really doesn't look it at all. She is a petite little lady. When people see her walking in public they are going to freak out and think she is a 6 month old. About that walking...she takes steps here and there like a pro but she has not made the decision to go bipedal full time yet. I'm in no hurry, as it will add to my daily challenges but I'm sure she will be there before her 1st birthday.

I'm working on a video and post in honor of her 1st birthday. It is an emotional and rewarding endeavor and I hope you will all enjoy it upon completion.

A quick update on Brad's situation. He is having surgery this Friday, January 9th. They will be removing the upper left lobe of his lung. He is expected to be in the hospital for about 3 days. They said that once his chest tube comes out he can go home assuming all is well, which is usually 2-3 days. I am hoping the doctor's surgical skills are better than his bedside manner, which left something to be desired. I'm going into this positive even though I can't help but be worried about he process. This is almost 1 year from when Liviana had her repair surgery that directly impacted her lung function. Brad will also be having his done laproscopically just like Liviana, in the same place, with the same incisions. What irony! If he has too much scar tissue they will have to do an open surgery which I really hope does not happen.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers please as well as the kids who have a hard time when Daddy is not around (especially little Miles).

I will likely move the update on surgery over to our other blog but I will post the notice and link here on Liviana's blog for all who want to follow.


Fer said...

Many, many prayers sent your way Amy. Please keep us updated on Brad.

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

Liviana is such cutie pie! Love her eyes. we will keep Brad in our prayers. we will be thinking of him on Friday. please keep us posted on his surgery.