Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Blog Mommy

I cannot believe it has been February since I last updated Liviana's blog. I should be ashamed of myself.

Sink Bath

It seems like time gets away from me with the kids and my photography business and life. I feel terrible that I have done a horrible job checking in with the other CDH babes out there. I know there have been some heart breaking losses lately. I guess I try to avoid that pain in some childish hope that it will all stop...that we will stop losing little ones to CDH. I was contacted recently by a friend I met on Cafemom in 2007. She is a Kansas girl and we had many things in common. She recently contacted me on facebook and told me that a friend of hers had just received a CDH diagnosis. My heart just dropped when I read those words. It is still all so fresh and real. I HATE that any parent will go through those moments and here those words.

Miracle Liviana

Liviana, Liviana....what a little spit fire she is. She spends her days terrorizing the house, taking off all of her clothes and diaper and running past me with a giant smile and the one arm she swings when she runs flapping next to her. She is an adorable, cuddly, lovey, silly, funny little hellion. We are all entertained by her antics. She currently likes climbing on top of anything she can reach and get herself on to. I was standing at the sink washing dishes the other day and suddenly found her standing on a stool beside me, smiling big and trying to see into the sink.

Liviana and Miles are quite the pair. When they get going together watch out. He gets so excited when she starts playing with him and more than once they have had some collisions as they run into each other from all of the excitement. Both Aria and Miles are still so excited when they hear her wake up from a nap or in the morning. They run in the room, smile, laugh, tickle much love to go around.

Health wise Livi is doing great. We had a lovely stomach bug make the rounds in late March. Miles is the only one in the house to escape it but it only lasted 24 hours or less for each of us. It barely phased Livi to throw up. She seemed like it was more of a nuisance to her day than any big deal. We also had a nasty respiratory virus in the beginning of April that all of us had. High fevers, congestion and coughs all around. It seemed to hit Aria and Miles harder than Liviana. She is still breastfed so I'm sure some of those immunities helped her along.

Liviana's look

She has another appointment in late August for her spine. I may call and see if we can move it up. I can see that her shoulders are not even and she has horrible posture. If I put her on a counter or other flat surface with her feet hanging off she cannot sit up straight. It really worries me but I am trying to stay positive about it all and know that she is so strong and will make it through anything. She can't turn her head in each direction completely but she has adapted well to that challenge as well.

Have I mentioned that Liviana has curly hair like Miles....too cute!

My business is going really well. You can visit my website at Amy Price Photography . I am loving photographing newborns the most. Take a peek and enjoy :).

Liviana, very unexpectedly, very not planned and despite prevention methods, is going to be a big sister. It is obvious that there is a plan out there much greater than us. We don't know much at all yet. It will probably be late December, early January when the little surprise will arrive. Aria will be 5, Miles will be 3 and Livi will be almost 2. I must be insane....all while taking care of my kids and running a business. Don't look in my laundry room...something has got to give ;). Of course I am terrified about birth defects and a genetic disorder since that issue is still unresolved with Livi. I will keep you all updated.

Gosh..I think that is all for now. I will try to update more often and certainly will after any appointments. To all of the CDH parents out there I think of you and your little ones often.

All my best....