Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Special Anniversary

A year ago today we got to bring our sweet, strong, beautiful girl home for the first time. I remember the day so clearly like it was yesterday but it strangely feels like it was someone else's life too. She is so "normal". Nobody would ever know what the first month of her life held. When I tell people about her (which is every chance I get) they look in such wonder and amazement. Not only have they never heard of a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia but they would expect someone who had major organs relocated, a partial left lung, a heart defect and multiple hemivertebrae to look less well, less normal, less vibrant. That's our Liviana though.

I apologize for the delay in posting. I know have three very active, bipedal children who keep things going around here. Livi has been walking for a few weeks now but not until this week had she decided to make it her main mode of transportation around the house. I don't think I saw her crawl at all today. It is so funny to see her walking. People have been startled to see her walking because she is so petite looking.

She has not had her 1 year appointment yet (It's next week) but I believe she is over 20lbs. On our scale she is right at 20 and feels every bit of that weight. She looks so petite but she is quite the lug...a cute, adorable lug though.

She is starting to vocalize words quite a bit. She says, "There she is" is in her own words which she picked up from us saying, "Where's Liviana"? She has the usual Dada and Mama and she also says "Uh, Oh" and has mimicked "camera", "Miles" and "Aria".

I wish everyone could be around her. She is a ray of sunshine. She smiles, laughs and tries to carry larger than her objects around. She loves to eat and is still getting mama's milk too. She adores her brother and sister and when they go to bed before her she tries to escape down the hall to wake them up. I love seeing the kids all play and laugh together and Miles and Livi are quite the troublesome pair when left to their own devices.

As you can see I have bombarded you with tons of photos. I am in the process of building into a professional photography business. I am very lucky to have willing, happy and beautiful subjects, *most* of the time. I will be adding yet another blog to my listing soon with my photography information (A. Price Photography). The blog did an odd crop on my photos. They all lost the side...I'll have to work on adjusting that.

Thanks everyone for continuing to follow Liviana's Journey. She will be having more appointments this year and another x-ray for her spine soon. She really has poor posture and I can see that the curvature I saw back in the summer seems even more exentuated. Let's hope it is mommy paranoia.

Enjoy the photos and keep all of the CDH babes, past, present and those yet to come in your thoughts and prayers please!

Much love....Amy