Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Honeymoon Is Over

I think we have had an amazing honeymoon period with Little Miss Livi. By all accounts she has been a completely "normal" baby. Now, she has pneumonia. Her little cough had been progressing and even though she was still all smiles and laughs I still thought I needed to have her checked out.

Dr W said it did sound like fluid on her lungs and she was wheezing. They checked her oxygen saturations and it was 92. That would not have gotten her released from the hospital. They did a breathing treatment and she went up to 93, hey, it's something. The x-ray confirmed a little pneumonia on her left lung (the "bad" one) She has breathing treatments at home and an antibiotic in case this is bacterial (which we doubt it is but we have to be safe). I requested an oximeter and Children's home health is delivering that today.

Dr. W. would admit her if her saturations fall below 90, she is not eating or begins running a fever (which has not occured). Let's hope and pray that does not happen and she gets over this easily and quickly.

I am 99.9% sure that this little "virus" was picked up by Aria in the doctor's office waiting room during Livi's 4 month check-up. She was playing with a couple of kids and 5 days later was sick, then Miles, then Livi. She got pneumonia from it though which is the difference.

On a bright note Livi broke the 13lb mark weighing in at 13lbs 01 ounces! She remains her happy self even though I know she doesn't feel well. She sounds like an 80 year old man at times but still smiles through it.

Today is my birthday and the only wish I have is for Livi to be well. I will certainly keep you posted.

Amy- Older and Wiser

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time Flies.......

The Whole Gang

Her First Stroller Ride with Miles

Awaiting Her 4-Month Checkup

Sittin' Pretty

Sweet Feet

I can't believe my little girl is 4 months old! She seems to be getting so big, so fast. Her 4 month appointment went wonderfully! She is 12lbs. 6oz and 24 1/4 inches long (although I think she was a little more on weight...the nurse was quick to pick a weight even though it was fluctuating as much as 6oz up with movement). She has moved up into the 40-50 percentile which is fabulous since she started out in the 5th at her 2 month appointment. Her check-up appointments amaze me because they are so "normal". She has no current issues, she is growing, eating, no reflux problems, rolling over, smiling, laughing, everything she should be doing. She is so awesome!

We also had a follow up surgeon appointment on the same day. She is doing great. They are always so thrilled to see her and her progress in their office. Dr. C. talks alot about her reflux and seems so surprised that she has not been on meds for so long. We will see him again in August on the same day she has a developmental evaluation from the NICU clinic. In August she also has her next orthopedic surgeon appointment to check her spine.

Little Livi (yes, I have changed her nickname spelling :)) is very eager to begin standing. When she sits on my lap she will suddenly stand up. I was shocked the first time she did it a few weeks ago. She completely holds her own weight and just holds onto my hands for balance. I think we are going to have our hands full with this little one. She has a Jumparoo and she has taken to jumping so hard that I'm afraid she is going to get whiplash. She is very active and thrilled about it.

Both Aria and Miles have been a little under the weather and I am hoping that Liviana stays healthy. She has a little cough but nothing I am too concerned with right now. I hope she stays healthy!

I have been reflecting so much lately on the last year. We learned we were pregnant with Liviana almost a year ago. She has made us all stronger and taught us so much. She was always meant to be part of our family and not a day goes by that I am not so thankful for what we have.

Please check out the links to the side. Little Ned recently went home and Sofia is heading home TOMORROW! Yea for them! It is so wonderful to see these babes doing so well.

More later......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jumping Bean

Liviana acts like she is ready to jump up and start running around. This little girl is a mover and a shaker. Her little legs rarely stop moving. If she is sitting in her bouncy seat or swing she moves her feet non-stop with this look of eagerness on her face. When I change her diaper she pushes her feet off the floor and pushes up so she starts moving away from me. I am amazed by her energy and physical activity and strength at just under 4 months old. She already burns more calories because of her respiratory system, I can't imagine how many more she is burning with the frenzy of movement.

Our little miss is the sweetest. She is such an easy going little girl. She smiles and laughs all day long, mostly at her brother and sister. She is patient and content to just sit back and watch the activity if I am busy with something. She is loving her Bumbo seat, like such a big girl. She is completely enamored with her daddy. Mile and Aria loved their daddy but it is obvious that he is something extra special to her. She will just stare at him as soon as he walks in a room. At dinner last night I held her on my lap and she looked up at him the whole time with a huge smile on her face. I think it was their time together in the hospital all those nights that created a special bond.

I have not had any new concerns about her bowels. She also rarely has any issues with reflux. I was able to modify my diet enough to eliminate any triggers and she has been completely unmedicated since February. When I was first pregnant with Aria in 2004 I eliminated caffeine from my diet and since I have always been either pregnant, breastfeeding or both since then I am still caffeine free. I had started drinking decaf in the mornings but I noticed that it bothered Liviana so that too has gone by the way side. It is an easy sacrifice to make for my sweet girl though. Hot tea in the morning gives me the illusion of a warm cup of coffee.

She has her 4 month appointment on May 18th. I really have no idea how much she weighs. I would say 12lbs. some odd ounces. Your guess is as good as mine though. i will be sure to update after her appointment for everyone.

The pictures are what I wanted to share with you the most. Isn't she just a doll? Not a day goes by that my eyes don't well up with tears as I look at her perfect self in my arms. I remember my emotions of fear during our pregnancy and those frightening early days in NICU and here she is, healthy, happy and brightening our days.

Enjoy the pictures and I will update after her next appointment.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Update tomorow.....