Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good News

Liviana does not have an intestinal blockage. After 3 hours and multiple x-rays they do not see any areas of concern in her small or large intestine. They did not see reflux either (as far as I know, the "official" report had not been reviewed yet when Dr. C called me). I am SO relieved.

The process was much longer than I expected. Liviana did great. When I saw the barium in a bottle I was worried she would not take it well since she has NEVER had a bottle before, not even in NICU. She was so hungry from not eating for 4 hours, she did not have any problem at all. After the first "flora" exam we went out and waited and repeated the process every 30 minutes until the barium had moved past her small bowel, which took much longer than expected. Everyone oood and ahhhd over how cute and sweet she was. We had people stopping by the little area we were waiting in to see her. She enjoyed the attention and always gave a big smile for her admirers.

I was really surprised at my negative emotional and physical reaction to the hospital. The smell really hit me when I walked in and got off on the NICU floor to go across the skywalk. It brought everything back to me in an instant. The worry, the fear, the pump room, the bells and alarms, the driving back and forth. I could not get out of there fast enough today.

Despite the worry of the day it was a blessing in disguise. Having three little ones I don't get to spend much time one on one with any of them very often. Yesterday it was just Liviana and I, hanging out together in our little corner. After each exam she would either snuggle into me and go to sleep or she would sit on my lap and chew on her hands, looking up at me. I really, really enjoyed the 3 hours holding her, cuddling her and loving her. I could tell by her calm demeanor that she enjoyed it also. I think however I will have to find a way to share that same one on one time with her outside of the hospital though!

Thank you everyone for your concern, thoughts and prayers. She is doing great and has no plans for surgery again any time soon.


Cindy said...

Yay! I'm so glad everything is okay.

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kmm0305 said...

I just popped over to read-up on Livvy and saw all the x-rays and concerns she had recently. So glad to hear there isn't any blockage and no reflux! The surgeons there are so awesome. Hope you get a chance to do some good press for Children's and CDH! :)


Elizabeth said...

Just looked to see how Little Miss was doing and saw all this! I would be in tears too and still when I enter a hospital - sometimes it all comes back too!

So glad things are well but so sorry you had to go through this!

With thoughts and prayers,

Shash said...

Oh geez...I haven't checked the blog in a while a got a little frightened for ya here! I'm so glad she's ok. Everytime you have the mommy gut feeling do not hesitate to get it checked out!!! Mommys always know best!!! She looks like Miles and you are so correct on that big smile, She's such a darling!!!!