Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abdominal X-ray Yesterday - Update #1 & #2

My mommy gut was telling me to have Liviana's bowels checked through x-ray. There was nothing major, she was not vomiting or having major signs of problems. She would start crying like she was in pain and usually 5-10 minutes later she would have a bowel movement. She seemed more uncomfortable in sitting position and she has just been fussier the last couple of days. Dr. Cusick stressed to me the possibility of her bowel twisting, especially because she had her surgery done laproscopically and does not have the benefit of scar tissue in the abdomen to keep things in place. I figured we were better safe than sorry.

I called her doctor's office (pediatrician) and they told me to take her to Children's to have the x-ray done. That was around 5pm yesterday. I have YET to hear back on the results. I have called my pediatrician's office twice and they said they have not gotten the results yet and have called a couple of times for them. I am a little frustrated and just called her surgeon's office to have them see if they can get the results. She has had enough x-rays for me to know it does not take that long for someone to read and report on them. The nurse said that Dr. C is in meeting and she will have him call me when he gets out. She did say that she heard someone call from radiology earlier and they were faxing over results from an x-ray yesterday on a D-hernia baby. That is likely her and it worries me that they were sending them to her surgeon's office since the order came from her pediatrician.

I will certainly let everyone know what I hear back from the doctor.

I still have not talked to the doctor but our pediatricians office spoke to our surgeons office and got the report. Her bowel is not showing a "major obstruction" but is showing some dilatation or widening. Dr. C is supposed to call and let me know what they want to do. Thinking about her having to have surgery again has me in tears. I'll update after I speak with him.

*****UPDATE #2*****
Dr. C called. His manner is so calm and reassuring. He saw the x-ray and the report and after asking me a million questions he said he is not overly concerned but he wants to see her tomorrow morning (He also gave me the option of taking her to the ER tonight). He said that dilatations can be seen one day and not the other. I will update everyone tomorrow. I truly cannot imagine having to send my little girl into surgery again and see her intubated again. I hope this is nothing serious. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will provide update #3 tomorrow after our appointment.

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Betsy Dellinger said...


Geez, as I haved checked in on all my little CDH babes tonight, they are all reporting bowel obstruction and/or major reflux issues. It must be the phase of the moon or something.

Just wanted to reassure you on one thing, if they have to re-intubate Livvy again, you probably won't see it. The last time they intubated Ned, they intubated and extubated in the OR so I never saw it....I was so thankful.

I'll add Livvy to my running list of CDHer's in need of prayer and GI relief at the moment. I'll check in on her progress tomorrow.