Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Good Timing

My view of Liviana in her sling

We are sick! This obviously could not come at a worse time. When I came home with Liviana both Aria and Miles were sneezing and ending up with some "snot debris" (I don't know what else to call it). Thet both are better but I came down with a sore throat in the middle of the first night home. My sore throat has gotten worse and I am mildly congested. Because I am breastfeeding Liviana will get antibodies from me for what I have so I am hoping and praying she does not get sick because it could easily land us back in NICU.

She had her pediatrician appointment yesterday and sounded and looked great. The doctor was just amazed by her (I know, that word again). She could not believe how great she looked and how "normal" she looked. She said her muscle tone, strength and development was right where it would be for a 4 week old who did not spend their first weeks in NICU. They are wanting to keep a close eye on her weight. She is 1.1lbs up from her birth weight at 7lbs. 8oz and gained 1oz. since our discharge. She is nursing frequently but she may be burning more calories because of her rapid breathing. We go back on Friday for a weight check and the following Friday for another check up appointment. I expressed my concern about the Hemivertebrae and Dr. W. said that she has some teenagers who have unnoticed HV until they get an x-ray for something else and it is found. She said it likely will not effect her at all.

When we arrived at our appointment they immediately took us back to a holding room because they do not want us to wait in the waiting room with Liviana. They also took us to a special room that never has sick kids in it so she would not be exposed to anything. I thought that was great and showed the importance they are placing on her care and follow up. Unfortunately, her home is where the germs are right now. The doctor wanted me to just stay on top of her behavior, eating, sleeping, coughing, etc. I am to call them immediately if she shows any signs of illness that concern me.

The hospital called and said that Dr. Kerr reconsidered and wanted us to go ahead and see the cardiologist in a couple of weeks for a repeat echo. It will be good to find out what her pulmonary pressures are doing since that still is looming over us.

Our transition at home has gone very smoothly. The kids are just being wonderful. Miles is so, so sweet and likes to help me change Liviana's diaper. When she cries he says, "uh-oh". Aria can't wait to see Liviana when she wakes up or when Livvy has been sleeping. They have been helpful and loving to each other and their sister. Right now, I would say that three kids is a piece of cake but I know that it will not always be so simple. No matter what happens though I am so at peace and happy having Liviana home, healthy and here with our family that "I don't sweat the small stuff".

Liviana loves the sling which makes my life easier so I can still do things around the house. She is just so darn cute!

I appreciate all of your continued thoughts and prayers. I love reading your messages and knowing there are people out there cheering for Liviana.


Tricia said...

She's just gorgeous! I hope you'll keep updating!!

We hope to join you soon in the "at home" club!!

Fer said...

I'm so happy she's fine and I'll pray that she doesn't catch the cold you all have :)

Jennifer & Kenny Miller said...

It's so good to hear Liviana is doing so well! She is such an inspiration. Hoping and praying she doesn't get everyone's cold!

Elizabeth said...

I hope you and the kids feel better and Livy doesn't get it. She is adorable! Rest Mom! (I am talking to a wall there!;-)

Sounds like you have a wonderful doctor!

With thoughts, prayers and anti virus chants for Livy!

Mrs. B said...

I think you're being too modest when you say Livvy is cute. She is absolutely gorgeous. Hope everyone is feeling better at your household.