Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I am sorry for the delay in posting. I have been enjoying my family being all together.

Liviana was discharged at 11am on Sunday. I could not be happier and more at peace having my entire family together under one roof. She seems like a perfectly normal, healthy little girl. I am still astonished that she had surgery to relocate 3 major organs on January 24th. I am astonished that she does not have complete lungs yet I feel and hear her breath as though she were born with them complete. She is a miracle to me.

The two days prior to her discharge she had decided that she was done with the nurses poking and prodding her. When anyone would come over and begin listening to her chest or anything else she would start screaming. As soon as they were done or I picked her up she would immediately stop. I have no doubt she was ready to go home. When I handed her to her doctor though for a picture, she was perfectly content and quiet. She knew what he had done for her. I forgot to have her surgeon, Dr. Cusick pose for a picture so I will get one with him next week at her appointment.

She has been wonderful since we got home. She is by far our best sleeper. She is a cuddley, sweet angel. Aria was SO excited to see her. The first thing she said was "She's so cute". She loves her little sister and even awoke today from a nap worried about her and wondering where she was. When I told her she was sleeping in her bouncy seat she wanted to go sit by her. Miles met Liviana 2.5 hours after she got home because he had been sleeping. It is the first time he has ever been around a newborn baby. He seemed very intrigued by her and wanted to pick her up right away. Sometimes he seems a little scared of her but overall I think it is going really well.

I can tell how happy she is to be home. She was "talking" to me and smiling this afternoon and it brought joy to my heart.

We have an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow, our pediatric surgeon next week and a follow up echo and cardiology appt. the following week. She is a popular little lady, everyone wants to see her. She is nursing all of the time and I can't wait to see how much weight she has gained at her appt. tomorrow.

I sit and stare at Liviana when I hold her and I go back mentally to the day we got the diagnosis. It all seems so surreal, like it was someone else's experience that I was just watching. She spent 4 weeks in NICU but it seems like it was just yesterday that she was born. She was always meant, from the first day to be home with us, enriching our family.

She has taught us, she has challenged us, she has brought us closer together.

Her Doctor, She is so thankful

Her first car ride

A hug from her sister and momma

Love from Dada

Love from Aria

Love from Dooda

Love from Miles


Elaine said...

WOW, she truly is a miracle baby! She is very very pretty too. You couldn't ask for a better outcome. I hope she continues to grow into a healthy beautiful little girl. CONGRATS! -Lainey (Curtsmomma on Cafemom)

Elizabeth said...

Liviana is absolutely beautiful and I so remember and recall your worry and fears. Your story - Liviana's story - brings hope to many, know that!

I am so happy everyone is HOME!


kmm0305 said...

She is SO adorable!! I'm so happy that you are all home as a family, it feels so good. Good luck with your appointments--we had to drive 2 hrs each way for all of ours. Needless to say we knew the way to Omaha pretty well! I didn't even think to take pictures with the Dr's--I think we have pics of a couple nurses (or their hands) but no Dr's.

Tricia said...

Tears of joy! It's a wonderful thing bringing home your baby for the first time, be it 24 hours or 31 days after birth. Congratulations, and many continued prayers for little Liviana!

Anonymous said...

She is so incredibly beautiful! I am so happy that everything turned out well, Amy--she is a little miracle!

Congratulations and please email if you need anything at all! XOXO

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Research and Support at CHERUBS said...

Amy that is such wonderful news!!!! Congratulations! What a little miracle she is!!!

Cadenne Hope's Grandma said...

What a special time in your life! Congratulations! We are praising God for answers to prayer for Liviana and know God will continue to strengthen her little body!

Fer said...

Thank God she's home now! She's a miracle!

Mrs. B said...

What a beautiful addition Liviana is to your family. You are very lucky to have such beautiful children, each other. Thank you so very much for calling me and letting me hold the precious little bundle. You have no idea how much that meant to me. Call if you need anything at all.