Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 27: Saturday? Oh My!

When I went up to feed Liviana last night the nurse immediately said, "Congratulations". I thought, what for. She said, "I hear she gets to go home Saturday". What? Saturday? That is so soon. Of course I am beyond thrilled to have her coming home but I feel so unprepared suddenly. I feel anxious about her being home without the monitors signaling me to a problem. What about the nurses, how will I do it without them? Is the house ready? Can I completely sanitize and steralize the whole place in time for her arrival? What if she gets sick, it could be devastating. So many thoughts race through my head.

The nurse added that I need to get 24 straight hours of feeding in first so I am hoping that 24 hours will begin on Friday morning and end Saturday morning.

I can't believe Livvy will be coming home just 4 weeks after her birth. It still amazes me and I still think she is just a miracle baby.

I have to get ready to head to the hospital. I'll post more later.....


Clearly Random said...


Anonymous said...

As clearly random's MIL, may I add my congratulations. She is doing very well. Now the work begins. Enjoy having her at home.

Jean--Sabrina's gma

Amy said...

She is so beautiful Amy. I can't imagine what you are going through and now the thought of her coming home. That's wonderful news. Our prayers are with you! I just wish we were closer to help. Amy

Shash said...

Yeah!!!! You'll do it all just fine when you get her home I'm sure. I'm excited for you!!!

Mrs. B said...

That is so awesome! Livvy will thrive even moreso having her entire family supporting her 24/7, that includes big brother & big sister. Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

awe i am beyond happy for you! what a strong lil girl you have, such a brave fighter, she has some wonderful parents!!

Tricia said...

YAY! I'm so excited to read this! Have the other kids been able to meet her yet? What is the visitation policy at your hospital?

It is very possible that Cadenne and Liviana will come home on the same day or in the same weekend! Wouldn't that be something? :D

Anonymous said...

WOW Amy!

This is wonderful, amazing news! She is so beautiful and so strong and brave (as are you!).

Can't wait to hear that she is going home!