Sunday, January 6, 2008

She's helping me prepare

The past couple days I have been having what is termed, prodromal labor or pre-labor. I did not have this with Aria or Miles. With them, when I start labor, I start and they were born a few hours later.

When this started two nights ago I was caught off guard. I was only 36 weeks, 2 days and I was not mentally and emotionally prepared. We had the bags packed, the babysitter on notice but emotionally, I was not ready to deal with what would come after Liviana arrived. I thought I was, but this pre-labor showed me that I was indeed, not.

As a result I have taken time to mentally and emotionally prepare. I had a prenatal massage with my doula Saturday and discussed the issues with her. I have focused myself and dealt mostly (not entirely) with some of my fears. I took a long bath and have been trying to relax.

I feel this is Liviana's way of helping me prepare. I feel very connected to her and I'm sure she does to me also. She has indeed helped me. As I sit here typing this I seem to be beginning another night of prodromal labor. I feel better about it now than I did two days ago.

So, I don't know if you all will be getting the "I'm in labor" message sooner or later. Either way, I feel better prepared and a little more at ease going into it.


Anonymous said...

i understand hun, i "felt" now looking back that i did know Zach" would be here sooner than we expected, but i couldnt have imagined how soon. once it all happend my body went into shock i think and i dont recall much of anything.after the words the doc said "were gonna do this, lets get ready" i was scared out of my mind for my little guy. i think its good that you are preparing. i remember 6 weeks later when we had rounds with the doctors, i thought " today would have been the scheduled csection" i was sooo glad we were past that point. i will continue to pray for you. hang in there and stay as strong as you have been. she is a fighter.

dbmom said...

I just came across your blog in a search. Your cdh baby is due around the same date mine was six years ago. The stomach thing sounds similar to what happened to us. It turned out the ab. contents had been going back and forth the whole time & that, they told us then, had helped his lungs and heart not be so damaged. I hope the same is true for your baby. BTW, that's his pic in my profile.

Tricia said...

Amy, as you know, I've sooooo been there. I was in prodromal labor for 5 weeks... I think I was driving DH crazy with wondering if we should go to the hospital every night.

What was your latest fluid measurement?

You are on my mind a TON, knowing that you are just weeks away from starting the next phase of this journey. I kept wavering back and forth between wanting her to stay safe and sound inside of me and wanting to know exactly what we were dealing with.

Many prayers and hugs to you!

Tricia with Cadenne Hope