Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 14: Extubation Tomorrow!

They are planning to extubate Liviana tomorrow morning! This means she will be getting her breathing tube removed and be off the vent. I am a mix of excitement and anxiousness. I know she is going to be so much happier and more comfortable without that tube but I am anxious about loosing that nice safe vent air helping her breath. Please keep her in your thoughts and hope that she does well off the vent.

She will be completely weaned off of her morphine tonight and her feeds are up to 20cc's an hour. They are going to give her some reflux medication because she had a spit up/throw up incident last night. Reflux is very common in CDH babies so this is not unexpected.

Her echocardiogram this morning showed her pulmonary pressures are down to the 40's from the 70's two days ago. I was SO relieved to here that news. It was the one area she was still having difficulties. She is now down 5 more ounces to 8lbs. even which is likely helping with those pressures.

Liviana gets to move to a big girl crib today too. I am so excited to see her making progress. I will be heading out later to find her the perfect mobile now that she is going to be such a big girl!

There is always the real possibility that extubation could change and won't be tomorrow morning but right now, all is pointing in that direction. Please be thinking of Liviana tomorrow.

I would like to ask everyone to keep Jill and Billy in your thoughts and prayers. Their sweet little girl Maggie lost her battle with CDH after fighting hard for 8 months. My heart aches for their loss. You can find a link to their carepage by accessing Cadenne's blog at the right and finding the Maggie carepage link on the right.


Mrs. B said...

Time just stands still when you're holding that sweet little girl doesn't it? What a gift from God......both Livvy and her progress.

SaraM0412 (from cafemom) said...

Im very glad to hear that your girl is doing so well..

jeanie said...

So happy to hear the great news! She is tough little fighter!


Tricia said...

AWESOME!! Go, Livvy, GO!! I remember at every "big" change sitting at bedside with my eyes GLUED to the monitors and biting my fingernails. Changes are nerve-wracking, aren't they? The good news is that she'll soon be able to start nippling!

You might ask the doctors about the possibility of doing some non-nutritive nippling, where you pump to empty yourself out and allow her to hang out at the breast. She's young enough that she might just latch right on!

Can't wait to hear more! I'm checking your blog ALL THE TIME now! Exciting stuff.