Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 47: A REALLY short post

I had an intention of sitting down and making a big post tonight about the last few days but I am very tired and I think the crib is calling my name :). We are still here obviously. G is absolutely perfect clinically. He looks and acts like any other 14 month old you would see anywhere. Those pesky blood counts are all that is keeping us here and it is a roller coaster.

I will post details tomorrow. Thank you all for the continued support. I read all of your messages and e-mails and even if I don't respond right away your messages mean so much to me.

Hug Your Babies!

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Drvance19 said...

Every time I look at your blog I am hoping that I will see something to the effect of "We are Free", but I see you are still there. I know what it felt like with a rolling baby when we lived in an apartment, so I can imagine what it must like to be in one room with a toddler. The momma sleeping in a guys will be new people when you are out of there. Hang in there:)