Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100th Post

As I was getting ready to post I saw that this will be the 100th post on Liviana's blog. Who knew when we got pregnant with our 3rd child in the spring of 2007 that we would take this journey that has led us from Wichita to Omaha and now to Milan. It has been a path filled with love, fight, fear, survival, joy and a thriving. It is still hard for me to look at her knowing what she has survived already and try to understand why she has to go through this now. That same spirit that fought so hard against her CDH still shines through in her today. She still will get on and off of her "couch" (it is a cot that we have made our couch in our hotel room) and just stand, holding herself up. She knows she can't walk and she knows she can't stand up straight or without holding onto something but she keeps trying and trying and trying. She knows we need that. She knows that seeing her strength gives us strength.

I find myself just staring at her sometimes. She is such a beautiful child. She of course has an amazing beauty inside but she is truly stunning on the outside too. She is exactly what you would think of an angel looking like. She has the most amazing skin tone, beatiful blue eyes and eyelashes that little kids have walked up to touch before, they are so long and thick. Her dark curly hair is so dainty and perfect for her face. I love our sweet angel so much and I would give anything to see her running, walking and playing with her brothers and sisters.

I snapped a few shots when she got out of the bath one day. I adore and love her so much that it hurts.

I am not calibrated here and my monitor obviously just traveled from Omaha to Italy so pardon if my color is horribly off on these.

Love to our angel on earth.

Hug Your Babies! You NEVER know what will happen.


Nicole Sadowski said...

She truly is an angel on earth.

Anonymous said...

She's stunning Amy! She really is an angel!


Joanne said...

she's so beautiful! i will continue to pray for a miracle.

Alzbeta said...

She is absolutely beautiful.