Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not So Scary Tiger

This Halloween was the first time the kids have dressed up and experienced the joy of going door-to-door and having perfect strangers toss candy into their bucket. Liviana was a little tiger, as was Miles. Aria was adamant about being a princess, a fairy princess. Here are a few pictures. First from our trip Thursday night to the Children's Museum trick-or-treat night, complete with snacks from Whole Foods and next from trick-or-treating last night. Our littlest tiger was asleep half way into our walk around the neighborhood. I will have more Halloween details today on our other blog.

Liviana is such a keen observer that she hardly made a peep while at the Children's Museum until we got away from the crowds. I kept trying to get pictures of her and she seemed to distracted with watching everything going on around her. I got these half grimace smiles from her while she looked around.

Livi was also very upset when I tried to put her little paw gloves on her hands. She does NOT like her hands messed with so we scrapped the paws, making the little tiger less scary of course.

Enjoy the pictures. The kids sure did have fun!


Fer said...

Oh Amy, your kids are beautiful and Miss Liviana was the cuttest tiger ever!

Dear6993 said...

You have a beautiful family! It so great to see their smiles, and their cute costumes! Liviana is a miracle, and now to be able grow up with her siblings and be healthy and SO happy, the miracles continue. These CDH babies are something special. I was able to hold our little Kinley a few weeks ago for the first time. She is amazing, and so beautiful. I have a new admiration for you parents of these CDH babies too! So much attention to detail, and you all do such a wonderful job keeping up with everything.

God bless your beautiful family!
Karen Dear, Minnesota

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

They are all so cute!


kmm0305 said...

What a fun time! We only made it to the Children's Museum once when Emma was just over a year old. It was always "We'll get there again someday!". Hope you find a time to go back again. Does the zoo do a trick-or-treating, too?

Such unbelievable weather for Halloween this year, we loved it. Leah was in her glory as a pink princess, although she didn't last too long trick-or-treating. She wanted to help pass out candy at our house, but we didn't get many kids.


Cristin said...

So sweet!! We had a little tiger in our midst this halloween too!

(hoppping around the CDH blog ring, Cristin, Mom to Graham RCDH)

Nimkee's Mum said...

Your children are gorgeous!! This is the first that I have visited your blog. I love the background! I will read more as my time allows.


Love, Peace, & Nimkee blessings to you and yours,
Melissa...Nimkee's proud mum xxoo