Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brad is home...without answers.

Brad was released this afternoon. We don't know any more information but he is not in as much pain right now and that is huge progress.

The diagnosis is being left at one of two things; One, is lung cancer and two is something obscure that infected his lungs, likely through work. It is not pneumonia. The infections disease doctor was in and had such a perplexed look on his face. Brad is only 32 so they certainly don't expect to see a tumor like this at his age.

He is home on an antibiotic (a pricey one at that), steroid and inhaler. He has a regular family doc appointment on the 20th and a CT Scan and Lung Cancer Clinic appointment on the 4th of December. They told us not to freak out about the Lung Cancer Clinic that they see people with other obscure lung problems but I really can't help but not.

He lost a pound again and is back to 179 lbs. (He is 6'9 for those who did not know) so my goal is to fatten him up and keep him from thinking he can run off to work right away.. His mother arrived last night and I did not warn her about his appearance and I think she was a little startled last night when she saw how thin he was in the hospital.

He is still on a nicotine patch and said he doesn't have a desire to smoke. This has definitely gotten his attention on many levels.

I meant to ask for a copy of his x-ray or CT Scan and forgot. The best I have is a drawing a doctor put on the dry erase board. The large blacks spots in the upper lobes are the areas in question and there are smaller spots of it below as well.

He did not have doctors orders to not work so he is out checking in on a couple of jobs right now. Unbelievable! I don't know how I am going to get him to relax.

Thanks again everyone for your support. We are not out of the woods but I am SO glad to have him home. Miles's reaction of joy was priceless. The kids missed him so much.


Fer said...

((((AMY))) I'm so glad Brad is at home now. I'll continue praying for him and please don't hesitate to email me for anything!

Dotty said...

thank goodness he is home! im so sorry for the situation and i pray its a easy fix. praying for you all!!

Tricia said...

Oh wow. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all of this within the same year! Please keep us posted!

Did Brad quit around the time Livi came home? I hope the doctors figure it out soon. HUGS!

Shash said...

Goodness!!!! I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Shandy

Elizabeth said...

Amy - my Mom was just diagnoised - let me know if you need a shoulder - I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers and hope this is some obscure lung infection - can happen!