Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Little Miss has two teeth poking through on her bottom gum. She spends a lot of her day trying to find things to shove in her mouth and chew. I will *try* to get a picture of these new little pearly additions but I can't make any promises.

Liviana and I have a lot of conversations. She seems to have so much to say, and sometimes with such seriousness. She also expresses her displeasure quite well. She adores her brother and sister but sometimes they crowd her a little too much and she is quite clear about wanting her space. It is actually funny to hear her and see these outbursts of displeasure...It try not to laugh.

We had a few visitors a couple of weeks ago. My mom was here for a few days for her birthday and Brad's sister and nephew were here for almost a week also. We loved the company and they all of course saw the sweetness that is Liviana. It has been SO hot and humid here and we have not been outside as much as we would like. We met friends at the Splash Park last week and Aria and Miles had a blast. I took Liviana over to get sprinkled a little but that was all of splashing for her. She did look awful cute in her swimsuit.

Liviana is making moves to crawl but most of the time she goes backward instead of forward. She has this awkward side crawl, kind like a breath stroke in swimming. She lays on her shoulder and puts her little tush in the air and pushes forward. I have not doubt she will get the legs and arms working together soon though and be all over the place.

Enjoy the pictures. We seem to like polka dots around here. She is showing off a couple of her cloth diapers and covers. She likes cloth on her tushy :). The picture in the polka dotted dress if from my mom's birthay (Nonna).


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Miss Liviana is doing so well! LOVE to see cloth on the bum! ;)

Libby Cohen

kmm0305 said...

We love polka-dots here, too! :) Hopefully its cooled off some for you, the past two days have been nice here. Before that we didn't venture out much! Glad to see you on Stars! :)

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Livi you are too cute! She has the most beautiful eyes - clearly inherited from Mommy and Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Love her eyes, Amy! Livi is absolutely gorgeous! I hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. It's been so hot here!

Looking forward to winter....

If you ever need me girl just holler!