Friday, July 11, 2008

Personality Plus!

Wow! This little girl is developing quite the little personality. As you can see she had her first taste of solid food last night, organic oatmeal. I had intended to wait well past 6 months as she was growing well being exclusively breastfed and I did not want to push her little digestive system too much. She however, did not want to wait. She kept grabbing at my food with a death grip and pulling it to her mouth. She could hardly control her excitement when she would see food on a plate. As you can see, she is thrilled! Aria and Miles, while loving their food, never grabbed the spoon like that, let alone the very first time they ate.

She is sitting up although she seems to want to stand more and will stiffen her legs so I will hold her up to standing position. She is SO strong. She also has started rolling all over the room. It is amazing the floor space she can cover in a short period of time. She is so thrilled each time she rolls and gets a new perspective on things. She also loves hair....playing with it, pulling it and eating it. I think it is because she does not have much of her own :). She has definitely gotten to the point of expressing her dislike also. She lets out a little ornery scream when she wants to be picked up or is unhappy for some other reason. These screams are sometimes hard to distinguish from her happy screams though which often leave me running over only to find a laughing, smiling little babe.

She is such an absolute joy! I am loving seeing her grow and develop. I think that even though she will never remember those first 30 days they have indeed shaped her personality as a strong, roll-with-the-punches, feisty little girl.

More later.....

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Fer said...

She's so cute! It's amazing how the grow and their personality starts to blossom.