Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Honeymoon Is Over

I think we have had an amazing honeymoon period with Little Miss Livi. By all accounts she has been a completely "normal" baby. Now, she has pneumonia. Her little cough had been progressing and even though she was still all smiles and laughs I still thought I needed to have her checked out.

Dr W said it did sound like fluid on her lungs and she was wheezing. They checked her oxygen saturations and it was 92. That would not have gotten her released from the hospital. They did a breathing treatment and she went up to 93, hey, it's something. The x-ray confirmed a little pneumonia on her left lung (the "bad" one) She has breathing treatments at home and an antibiotic in case this is bacterial (which we doubt it is but we have to be safe). I requested an oximeter and Children's home health is delivering that today.

Dr. W. would admit her if her saturations fall below 90, she is not eating or begins running a fever (which has not occured). Let's hope and pray that does not happen and she gets over this easily and quickly.

I am 99.9% sure that this little "virus" was picked up by Aria in the doctor's office waiting room during Livi's 4 month check-up. She was playing with a couple of kids and 5 days later was sick, then Miles, then Livi. She got pneumonia from it though which is the difference.

On a bright note Livi broke the 13lb mark weighing in at 13lbs 01 ounces! She remains her happy self even though I know she doesn't feel well. She sounds like an 80 year old man at times but still smiles through it.

Today is my birthday and the only wish I have is for Livi to be well. I will certainly keep you posted.

Amy- Older and Wiser


Anonymous said...

praying she feels better soon! get well sweety, we dont want you back in the hospital!!! hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday hun!!

Fer said...

I'm sorry to read that Liviana has pneumonia, but it's good to read that you're treating her at home. I remember when Juan pablo had his 1st pneumonia, he was 3 months old and we stayed 12 days at the hospital. I'll be praying for her fast recovery.

Happy bday Amy!

Brian and Cassi Reed said...

I found your blog through Sofie's, we met her family while we were on a NICU tour at Childrens in KC. Our CDH baby is due in August, we originally wanted to deliver in Omaha at Methodist but my Insurance wouldnt pay for it at all, since I am originally from the Council Bluffs area. I will be eager to keep in touch since we are moving back to the Omaha area after our baby is out of the Hospital. Hopefully our little girl will do as well as Liviana- she seems like such a trooper! Praying for her to kick that pneumonia-
Hope you got to enjoy your birthday a little bit! I will be watching her progress and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Cindy said...

Happy birthday! I hope Livi gets better soon and doesn't have to go back into the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hope little Livi is feeling better!

Libby Cohen
Mama to Makena 9/30/06

Brad, Kellie and Lucy said...

We will keep Liviana in our prayers that she beats the pneumonia like the she has everything else.

We just found out that our baby boy has CDH at our last ultrasound and we will be delivering him in October at Duke in NC. Thanks so much for your blog and all the details. I'd love to chat and please check out our journey on our blog, which is only just beginning.

P.S. I'm a UNC girl, so that Kansas basketball win was not good for us! :)

Jennifer & Kenny Miller said...

Lots of prayers for Livi that she gets better quickly! Amy, I love the pictures! I've been meaning to post for a while, but just wanted you to know I've been following Livi and I appreciate all your support for Sofia. Thanks!

Jen Miller
Sofia's Mommy - LCDH & ECMO Survivor

Elizabeth said...

UGH! I hope she is feeling better soon - though obviously she is a little trooper. Glad you are able to care for her at home...

And Happy BEElated Birthday!

Tricia said...

How is she doing, Amy? I hope things have returned to "normal!"

And happy belated birthday...