Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick Again and Milestones

I swear, I am rarely sick but since Liviana has come home I have had about 2 relatively well days. By the time I got over the Bronchitis we were dealing with a stomach virus or flu. Aria started throwing up early Friday morning and continued with stomach problems into early Sunday. She is now fine. Brad and I then got sick simultaneously late Sunday afternoon. It may be the flu, who knows. I am more concerned with getting over it and keeping Liviana well than identifying it at this point. The only two household members to not get sick are Liviana and Miles, the two nurslings.

Other than that everything is wonderful. Liviana is growing and thriving. She is a little chow hound and I am anxious to find out her weight at her 2 month appointment.

She has an appointment on Thursday with the orthopedic surgeon. He is going to evaluate her as it relates to her hemivertebrae and neck issue. I am hoping and praying that she will not end up with a congenital scoliosis diagnosis. Her physical therapy was rescheduled for next Monday and we will know more on Thursday if it is torticollis or something more serious related to her vertebrae.

Guess what? She rolled over on Saturday, twice! She really dislikes tummy time so when I placed her on her tummy the first time she quikley rolled over. I put her on her tummy again and over she went. The little stinker. She continues to amaze me. She spent her first four weeks of life in the NICU, mostly laying in a bed, she had surgery to relocate major organs, learned to breath on her own and eat without a tube. Now, at just 7 weeks she is rolling over. She inspires me.

Aria and Miles are doing great. I can't believe how much Aria loves her little sister. She is always saying, "I take care of her". She lays with her and talks to her and helps me with diaper changes and tries to soothe her when she cries. Miles is getting so big and so independent. I smile all day long being around him. You cannot imagine how cute and funny he is. He is really into dressing himself and reading books right now.

I think that is all for now. I have two sleeping children and would love for the third to conk out so I can take a nap but I don't think that is going to happen. I will be sure to update after her appointment on Thursday. I am anxious about it and hope everything goes well.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Tricia said...

Amy...would you mind taking a picture of what is concerning you re: possible scoliosis? Just curious because Cadenne has some very odd ways of laying, and I've never seen it before in my other children...

You know us CDH moms... overanalyzing everything! :D

Elizabeth said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers -

I hope the appointment is promising but you are doing so well by getting this looked at now.

I am sorry you all have been ill - here too - stomach bug thing and all else too! I also think you were probably vulnerable to all this too - just had a babe, been in a NICU, stress and there you go!

With thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Amy, so good to hear how you are doing. I hope that everything goes well with Livvy's appointment. I'm sorry that you all have been sick, feel better soon.

How wonderful that Livvy rolled over! She will continue to amaze and surprise you.

Thinking of you as always.