Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hope for the Hoskins

It is time to give back the help that others have given to us.

I became aware of the Hoskin family through a dear friend of mine, Kara. Jeff and Allison Hoskin are from Wichita and have three children, Preston, Parker and Bailey. In 2006 Jeff was diagnosed with Leukemia and after many treatments is in remission although not officially "cancer-free". While the family is thrilled that Jeff is in remission their joy turned once again to fear as Allison was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in the Summer of 2007. Imagine mom and dad both having cancer and three young children. Allison eventually responded to treatments also and seemed to be in remission.

Kara received a call this past Monday telling her that Allison's cancer was back and it had moved to the area around her kidneys. They have taken Allison 12 hours away to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where they will begin aggressive treatment that essentially means killing off everything in her system, including her own immune system, through high dose chemotherapy and then adding her own harvested stem cells back in so her system can attempt to rebuild itself.

As you can imagine this is extremely difficult for the family. Allison is 12 hours from home, from her family, from her 3 children. This entire situation is of course an emotional and financial toll on the family. They need to be there as they can with Allison. The cost of gas, food, lodging and travel expenses are mounting. They need help to be there for Allison and get her back home with her children.

You can help but visiting the Hoskins website here. Even $5 can help. They have paypal setup on their page to take any donations and assistance you can offer.

I have three children of my own and I cannot imagine the difficulty, fear and pain of his situation for the family.

Please help if you can and remember to keep the Hoskins in your thoughts and prayers.


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kara said...

Thank you so much for this AMy! CM made me remove my journal :(