Friday, January 18, 2008

Liviana is Here!

Liviana Grace Price arrived at 12:54am, January 18, 2008. She is doing GREAT!

My water broke in the morning which was new for me. In a "normal" situation I would stay home and wait for contractions and labor to begin. Given Livvy's condition I was feeling anxiety at home so we decided to head in although I knew we would face the issue of augmenting with Pitocin since my water was broken. Our doctor was great and went against his own patterns with me. We tried everything for hours and hours and I still was not getting any contractions. LIviana was doing great and was happy as a camper inside her new environment. We walked and walked and walked, sat on the birthing ball and used the breast pump and....nothing. Around 6pm or so I started running a temp which nobody wanted or was comfortable with. It was still low (99.6) but we recognized that we could not wait around for contractions to begin on their own since our membranes were ruptured. Close to 8pm I was started on a low pitocin drip. Given how quick my labors are we did not expect it to take much time. I was so worried for Livvy and how it would effect her, I felt like I had failed her since I wanted to avoid any and all interventions.

I labored for 4+ hours with no pain meds or epidural. I began telling them I was feeling pushy and my biggest concern was getting the team there from NICU awaiting Livvy. I told my doc I was ready to push and kept saying "Come on people" because nobody was ready yet. I held off through a couple of pushing urges while the NICU team and my doc got ready. When I was finally given the go ahead (I still had a small anterior lip) Livvy was out and crying in about 1.5 pushes.

Her cry was great, completely normal. I got to touch her and talk to her while they suctioned her, wiped her a little and cut the cord. She was taken to the warmer where about 8 people including Dr. A. were waiting for her. They intubated her and when they were done and ready to go downstairs to NICU Dr. A. wrapped her up and brought her over to Brad and I to hold briefly. She is SO beautiful and so perfect. She is the Minnie Me of Brad!

I was up and around to see her soon after her birth. She was doing great. Her blood gasses were below 50 and she was actually breathing over her vent. It kept going off alerting everyone to that fact. While this is a great sign they want to keep her from overextending her lungs too. They placed several lines (I know all you CDH moms know what I'm talking about), took x-rays and were doing a heart scan when we were there. She was sedated but I had the chance to kiss her sweet little head and tell her how much mommy loved her.

This morning we spoke with Dr. M., another one of her Neonatologist. He is very pleased with how she is doing. They are planning on doing her sugery on Monday if all holds steady as it is now. They will plan on a scope surgery unless the hernia is too large, at which point they will do the traditional approach. At this point they cannot forsee a reason we would need ECMO. We are still in the "honeymoon period" but they said that 24 to 48 hours is the crucial telltale time period for these little ones but so far she is doing just what they want and hope to see. I got my lessons on what all of the machines mean and are doing to help Livvy. It is a little overwhelming but the CDH moms helped with the process by sharing their stories along the way so I know what to expect.

Oh, the stats. Liviana was 6lbs. 7oz. and is 20 inches long. She was smaller than we all expected but her feet are HUGE and she is all legs. She looks just like Brad and different all together than Miles and Aria. She is a perfect angel.

I think that is all for now. I'm sure I will update often and probably more later. I have wireless in my room right now and I will try to keep everyone informed. Aria and Miles are on their way up right now and I know they are excited to see Momma and Aria is excited to see Liviana.

Thank you everyone for your support, love, caring and prayers. Keep them coming please. These little ones are unpredictable sometimes so we can't get too comfortable with how well she is doing just yet.


Betsy Dellinger said...


I'm so glad Liviana is here and doing so well. I was up all night praying and checking the blog. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers over the weekend and will be in touch later. By the way....she is gorgeous....I love those legs!

Elizabeth said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! I am yelling as I type that!

You did good woman! Now rest and know that we are all keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers and I am doing my imfamous LUNG FUNCTION chants! (Seem to be working ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations on her arrival. I have been watching your posts for a while (I am Sabrina's gma.) I will pray for all of you and as I did for Sabrina, I will pray for the neonatologist and the Surgeon, that their hands be guided by a power greater than their own.

Rochelle said...


Linda passed on your blog site to me. I'm so glad everything went quickly & well for you after I left. I'll be thinking of her on Monday!

Anonymous said...

YAY AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT be happier for you ALL!!! I am so, so, so SUPER EXCITED and ELATED!!!!

You all look WONDERFUL! I wish I had your phone # so that I could yell all of this in your ear!!!!

I am so glad that she is here and that she is doing well! She is gorgeous, and so are you! You did so great, momma!!

Looking forward to the next 48 hours! I will be praying that she comes through it all with flying colors.


Anonymous said...

Amy, Congratulations!! It sounds like Liviana is very strong and doing well. We will be thinking of you all weekend and sending prayers your way that she remain stable and go through surgery with flying colors. Are you in 5th or 4th floor NICU? Get some rest and remember to take care of yourself, too.

Kristyn, Leah and family

Anonymous said...

BTW, posted a teeny birth announcement on BIN... the ladies were asking about you. Hope that's OK!

Jeanie T said...

Such GREAT News! She is BEAUTIFUL!
You are all in my thoughts & prayers!


Shash said...

Amy, I'm soooo excited for you. She really is a beautiful little girl. Will they let your breast feed while she's going through all of this? You're still in my prayers and the rest of the family. You're a strong woman. I'll keep checking your blog for updates. Take care, Shandy

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with you guys. :D

BIN is informed and praying for you all!

Cindy said...

She is so pretty! And she was born on my birthday!

That's wonderful that you got to hold her for a minute.

I'm glad she is doing well so far, and pray that she continues to do so. I also hope you are able to get some rest and have a quick recovery.

mom to Claire, LCDH 6/7/07

Erin (1coolmom577) said...

Amy that is great news. Congratulations. I have been anxious to hear. She is absolutley beautiful. Thinking of you and praying for you all.

Fer said...

Congratulations Amy! My prayers are still with you and her, she's gorgeous!

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Research and Support at CHERUBS said...

Amy, that is such is wonderful news! She is a beauty! I'm so glad things are starting off so positively.

Still keeping you all in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Sound like Livvy is doing amazing! She is beautiful!

Can't wait for more updates!

Mama to Makena LCDH 9/30/06

Cadenne Hope's Grandma said...

So happy that she's here! God has worked so much in Cadenne's little body, and I know he will do that for Liviana too! I check your blog often for updates, but don't comment very often. Just want you to know that we're praying!

Kara said...

All children are different, precious and special in their own way,as are their births. But I would bet everything that I own that THAT cry was the sweetest sound you ever heard. She is beautiful, Amy and you have done an amazing job in keeping her safe and advocating for her.

Danielle McCann Photography said...


I'm thinking of you all today and wanted to come back and read the beginnings of Livi's journey. You shared her life, her joy, her pain, and her love with us all. Because of that, Livi has touched thousands. Be proud, Mama. You held an angel for five wonderful years.