Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lots Going On.....

Our doctor's appointments on Friday went really well. Dr. D. the cardiologist gave Liviana an "A" on her heart. It grew appropriately since last time and is funtioning perfectly. He is not worried about it being an issue for her. Our perinatologist appointment immediately afterwards was pretty standard. He will do a weight estimate again next week since we will be 4 weeks since the last. She looks great as usual, cute and active. She has been head down for about 4 weeks now. She really enjoys simultaneously punching my pelvic bone and kicking my ribs which neither Miles or Aria did. She is her own unique little person.

We have been busy this weekend trying to get things ready. We went through all of Aria's old clothes and pulled out things for Livvy. Even though she will likely be a good, healthy size when she is born she will lose weight because of her surgery and having to be tube fed and medicated, among other things We will probably need to get some preemie clothes for her also. I know that they don't let us put clothes on her right away because of tubes,etc. but we wanted her to have her own little clothes as soon as she can.

Brad got a second job that he starts January 1st. He will be managing 21 properties for a realator here in town who has rentals. It will work out perfectly with his current job since he will be able to work around his appointments. Brad is also trying to find other work he can do right now. He found an ad on craigslist for a guy wanting to trade tiling his dining room for a brand new, in the box, Wii with five games. We would immediately sell the Wii and games since they are such a big deal right now for some reason. We also found someone on craigslist with a free bed and couch for our basement for people (mostly my mom) when they come visit at the holidays and after Livvy is born. I am also gathering up some of our things to sell since things seem to be moving on there right now.

We have an old dresser that a co-worker of Brad's gave us that we are going to get ready for Livvy and Miles room. We also need to get Liviana's name in letters like we had for Miles and Aria.

I have started packing my bag for the hospital just in case something happens earlier than expected. We also found a babysitter for the kids for our appointments and when I go into labor. That was a HUGE relief. The kids love her and hardly even notice we are leaving. I think it was harder on me than them.

I think that is all for now. It seems like we are so close to her arrival which is both exciting and scary. I have posted a picture from an Ultrasound she had at 24 weeks. She is so beautiful and reminds me so much of Aria in the picture.

I would recommend everyone checking out the some of the links I have provided to the right. They can give you an idea of what Livvy will be facing.

One more prayer request, Abigail was born on December 5th and lost her battle with CDH on December 12th. Keep her mother, Heather and rest of their family in your thoughts. They are from Junction City, KS. and Abigail was at Children's Mercy in Kansas City.

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Everything sounds really, really good. I am so happy that you are getting the care you need. Thanks for the update!