Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Appointments scheduled in Omaha

As you may see by the title of this blog we did have a name for our little girl. I was going to try to keep it a secret but we call her Liviana or Livvy all the time and it is hard not to refer to her that way. We have had the girl name Liviana since we were pregnant with Miles.

We have our appointments scheduled in Omaha for Friday, October 26th. We will be meeting with the Perinatologist and the Neonatologist. We are also going to be given a tour of the NICU which I'm not sure I am quite prepared for.

Brad has been in Omaha since Saturday working. They had a homeshow this past weekend and he got some excellent leads, one of which he has alread sold. The housing market in Omaha is really bad so people are opting to keep their homes and fix them up rather than trying to sell now. It is making for good business for Andersen Windows.

The poor housing market is also ending up to be an advantage for us. We posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a home to rent. A lady contacted us right away and said they had a home they had been trying to sell but decided to rent out instead. It is beautiful (I have just seen pictures online) and much, much more than we ever could hope for. It also will cost less than our home now. It is in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is the Iowa border city to Omaha. It is 18 miles to the hospital from the home. I will go see it when I am in town on Friday. We will have a spare bedroom for guests, which we anticipate we will have more of given the circumstances.

I have met several women online who had their CDH babies at Omaha Children's. One of the ladies is there right now with her son who is having some residual difficulties (He is 9 months old). I will probably meet with her this trip up or the next.

I will update more after our appointments on Friday.

Continue to keep us in your thoughts and pray for our Little Liviana.

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Jill said...

Thanks for sending the blog link, Amy. Still thinking of you. (You guys have such great taste in names!)